Roaring Dragon TT-76 S

Roaring Dragon TT-76 S

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Roaring Dragon wok burners are all about usability. Because of their prodigal output power safety is always a concern: a solid and sturdy built that easily supports great weights makes for a safe workplace. Roaring Dragons are by no means improvised frames to merely support the burner itself. Instead they are designed to give you enough space to keep at the ready all ingredients and utensils you may need – crucial for the brisk pace of authentic wok cooking. And with their professional form-follows-function appearance they also have an air of solidity and value. Made to be immediately usable everywhere, the Roaring Dragon TT 76 S is compact, flexible and easily carried but still a full-value wok burner. 


X-76 burners can be used with woks of course but also pots, pans and barbecue plates because of their plane surface. They have a two-piece square burner bowl and are therefore easy to clean. 


Material: Gray Iron with Ceramic Inlets

Measures: 330mm x 330mm, Height 155mm


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